The Naked Choir TVNZ 1 2017

On May 13, 2015 by claremartin

Clare Martin Vocal Mentor for The Naked Choir TVNZ 1 2017

Clare was invited to work with ‘a capella’ vocal groups as part of a competition for the best group in NZ in 2017. She worked with all the groups from episode three onwards, until their grand final performance.  Key ideas workshopped included:

  • lifting the physical performance – opening out posture, directing expression outward, using expressive means to engage the audience
  • ‘dropping’ in the breath deeply, how to inhale quickly and efficiently and how that directly improves vocal tone
  • the application of good sound through understanding the shapes of vowel sounds – using the gospel ‘wow’
  • light and shade of expression, making text personal, bringing in real dynamics and what does soft and loud mean in a voice

The Naked Choir 2017








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